FILLER MASTERBATCH – PP is the CaCO3 masterbatch made from fine CaCO3, virgin PP and other additives.

  • Application, Typical application


    The FILLER MASTERBATCH – PP products are used as the filler for processing aids, cost reduction, whitening, hardening and dimension stability for finish products.

    FILLER MASTERBATCH – PP is compatible with virgin or recycled PP, PS or ABS. Specialized for making PP yarn with adding rate from 5 – 50%, and appropriate with other technology: injection molding, blown film HIPS.

    Typical application

    image018 image020 image022 image024 image026 image028 image030 image032 image034 image036

  • Technical data

    FILLER MASTERBATCH – PP product line has the following items:

    • CM310
    • CM 330
    • CM 350

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  • Packaging

    Packed in PP woven laminated bag with PE liner. Net weight: 25 kg/bag or 1200 kg/pallet. Store in dry place.