MASTERBATCH – Color is made from core pigment, virgin PE resin and other additives.

  • Application, Typical application


    MASTERBATCH – Color is used for pigmenting and dispersing aid.

    MASTERBATCH – Color is compatible with virgin or recycled PE, PP, PS, ABS. Suitable manufacturing technology: blow molding, injection molding,and PP nonwoven fabric making, pipes making.

    Typical application:

    image066 image068 image070 image072 image074 image076 image078 image080

  • Technical data

    MASTERBATCH – Color product line has the following items:

    • CY1020 (Light yellow)
    • CY1021 (Dark yellow)
    • CO1020 (Orange)
    • CR1020 (Dark red)
    • CR1021 (Light red)
    • CV1020 (Blue violet)
    • CV1021 (Pink violet)
    • CB1020 (Dark blue)
    • CB1021 (Light blue)
    • CG1020 (Green)
    • CE1020 (Brown/beige)
    • Particular color upon request
    • Fluorescent color upon request

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  • Packaging

    Packed in PP woven laminated bag with PE liner. Net weight: 25 kg/bag or 1200 kg/pallet. Store in dry place.