UV-stabliser additive

UV-ADDMAST’s main ingredients are virgin PE, HALS, antioxidant component; it is used to inhibit the reactions in plastics which cause undesirable chemical degradation from exposure to UV light.

  • Application, Typical application


    UV-ADDMAST acts by shielding the interior of plastic parts from damaging UV radiation, keeps the outlook of the product and prolongs the lifecycles of the plastic.

    Adding rate of UV-ADDMAST is 1 – 2%, compatible with virgin or recycled PE, PP, PS, ABS. Mainly used for PP woven bags, jumbo bags, injection products or agricultural films.

    Typical application:

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  • Packaging

    Packed in PP woven laminated bag with PE liner. Net weight: 25 kg/bag or 1200 kg/pallet. Store in dry place.